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Soro-soro minna san konichiwa.... genki desuka??? hahaha....
*All.. Good morning... how are you? hahaha...

Maybe some of you may asked why i made this post so late?
hahaha... sorry for that, i'm so late to recognize this page is important. hahaha... i'm newbie, you know? so don't expect me to much... ok?!

hmm... as you can see my title here is Japan's Media. So what will we talking here is absolutely about japan! like culuture, music, art, or anything... you can find your Japanese needs here...
Japan's Media is kind of online news paper. Here, feel free if you wanna send some idea or article or anything you like, but its not goes out from japan tough.

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Sadame Korochi

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L`arc en Ciel

L`arc en Ciel or often called Laruku started their carrier as visual kei band and formed in Osaka 1991. after a several time has passed their style is not become style anymore, but its changed to mainstream in japan.
They were made many albums before and take many genre like rock, ballad, etc. So it's no surprised if they became top band in japan.
The group has sold over 13 million albums, 16 million singles, and millions of other units, such as videos.

Laruku is formed by tetsu on bass, Hide on vocal, Hiro on guitar, Pero on drum. L`arc en Ceil if translated which means elips or bow in the sky, chosen by Tetsu after watch some movie.
In 1992, Ken, Tetsu childhood friends were out from university and joined to replace Hiro on guitar. In December at the same year Pero was out. So Tetsu asked Sakura to join after he saw Sakura's performance. even he's not know much about him. After he saw Laruku's performance he decided to join in 1993. They were ranked at number 58, in a list of Japan's top 100 pop musicians, provided by HMV in 2003. Their first album Dune was became first rank in Orion Chart Indies and success to steal of major label attentions.

In 1994, they signed a contract with Ki/oon from sony and released their second albums, Tierra, Heavenly in 1995, and 1996 signed with True, the first albums who sold out in billion copies.

In first 1997, Sakura was arrested because drugs claim and officially sign out in October 4th. After the news about Sakura was out, many Laruku's albums was drowned from CD case and the "The Fourth Avenue Cafe" releasing was being pend.
But it wasn't mean Laruku's popularity os gone, their song's kept stay in song chart for 2 years.

For several years this band is in unsure condition to recover their problem due to Sakura's drug claim. while recovering they made band named as The Zombie and covering their song and some Nirvana's song.

Officially, they back with held a concert named Reincarnation ’97 . And in this concert, Yukihiro play for the first time and performed as new drummer in this band. Tough he is just wrote as support member in their first albums after Sakura was out.

Album List:
1 . DUNE [Limited Edition]
Shutting from the Sky
Taste of Love
Ushinawareta Nagame (失われた眺め)
Floods of Tears
10 April 1993

2. Tierra
In the Air
All Dead
Hitomi ni Utsuru Mono (瞳に映るもの)
14 Juli 1994

3. Heavenly
Still I'm with You
Vivid Color
C'est la Vie
Blurry Eyes
1 September 1995

4. True
Fare Well
Kaze ni Kienaide (風にきえないで )
I Wish
12 Desember 1996

5. Heart
Winter Fall
Shout at the Devil
Milky Way
25 Februari 1998

6. Ark
Forbidden Lover
Heaven's Drive
Driver’s High
Shinjitsu to Gensou To (真実と幻想と)
1 Juli 1999

7. Ray
Shi no Hai (死の灰)
It's the End
Sell my Soul
1 Juli 1999

8. Real
Get out from the Shell
Dive To Blue
Route 666
All Year Around Falling in Love
30 Agustus 2000

9. Smile
Ready Steady Go
Lover Boy
Feeling Fine
Hitomi no Jyuunin
31 Maret 2004

10. Awake
New World
Jojoushi (叙情詩)
Jiyuu e no Shoutai (自由への招待)
Twinkle Twinkle
22 Juni 2005

11. Kiss
Seventh Heaven
Pretty Girl
My heart draws a dream
Hurry Xmas
21 November 2007
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