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Hello all.. ^(^v^)^

Before New years eve come, i'll explain you about Japanese food recipes and how to make it!

here weeee.. goooooo~

1. Zoni Recipe

Zoni is Japanese mochi (rice cake) soup. It's a Japanese tradition to eat zoni on New Year's holiday. Ingredients for zoni vary region to region. Basically, zoni is seasoned with soy sauce in eastern Japan, and it's seasoned with shiromiso (white miso) in western Japan.

  • 4 cups dashi soup stock
  • 4 blocks mochi (rice cake)
  • 1/4 lb. boneless chicken thighs
  • 2 inches carrot, cut into thin rectangles
  • 4 shiitake mushrooms, stems removed and thinly sliced
  • 3 inches negi, or leek, rinsed and diagonally sliced
  • 1/4 lb. fresh spinach, boiled and cut into 2 inches
  • 4 slices kamaboko or naruto (fish cakes)
  • 1 tbsp sake
  • 1 tbsp soysauce
  • 1/2 tsp sugar
Cut chicken thighs into small pieces. Put dashi soup stock, chicken, carrot, and shiitake in a medium pot and bring to a boil. Skim off any foam or impurities that rise to the surface. Turn down the heat to low. Add sake, sugar, and soy sauce in the soup. Simmer for a few minutes. Meanwhile grill mochi in the oven until softened. Add grilled mochi, kamaboko or naruto, and negi slices in the soup.

Makes 4 servings

taken from: http://japanesefood.about.com/od/mochi/r/zoni.htm

2. Onigiri

Onigiri is a rice that filled with anything you like (but usualy filled with fish raw or half boiled fish and vegetables) and it covered by seaweed.


  • Rice (it’s up 2 you how much rice do you need)
  • Seaweed
  • Jelly Powder (to make rice more delicious, but it is not must)
  • Fish raw
  • Vegetables (as you want, so if you don’t like it, don’t use it)


Insert rice to a rice cooker and insert jelly powder into it, after it done pull out the rice from rice cooker and now let it cool for a while and now it’s time to make a content. first cut fish raw and make it slice. After that it’s up to you to make it fried or half boiled or keep it. it same thing with vegetables but for vegetables wash it first to make it clean. or you can make it with shredded meat that has been boiled and fried an you can mix it with vegetables.

well.. it’s time to mix meat and vegetables to put into rice. Take some rice and take some content that has been you made and put the content onto rice. and take some rice again and put it onto content and rub it and make a triangle form like the picture above. and the final step is cut the seaweed and make it rectangle and cover the rice at the edge of the rice. And done!! you can make it more cooler with decorate it like the picture above.

3. Sushi

Before You Start Making Sushi
  1. 1. Nigiri-zushi are bundles of rice, topped with wasabi and fish. Once served, nigiri should be taken by the fingers and dipped fish-side only into soy sauce.
  2. 2.Sashimi is simply raw fish, sliced thinly, served without rice.
    • Sashimi can consist of salmon, squid, or other fresh seafood.
    • Martha Stewart's website has a simple recipe for Sashimi Salad made with fresh tuna.
  3. 3. Chirashi-zushi is prepared in a bowl, with several different kinds of fish and vegetables mixed in with rice. It can almost be described as a sushi salad. Check out this helpful step-by-step from East Sea Road on how to prepare Chirashi-zushi
  4. Oshizushi literally means "pressed sushi". It is made by layering the ingredients on top of rice in a wooden mold, known as an Oshizushi-Bako.
  5. Maki-zushi is rice and seafood, rolled up in nori seaweed. This is the most popular variety of sushi in America, and it is what we will be making in the steps below.


1. Sushi or Sashimi-Grade Fish

  • Despite popular belief, there is no official definition for the term "sushi-grade". The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not determine safety standards for raw fish.
  • In order for seafood to be safe for consumption in sushi, it must be frozen at under -4°F for a significant enough time to have killed any parasites.
  • Although many markets are starting to carry Sashimi-grade fish, you should not assume that all fish from your local market has gone through the necessary steps to destroy parasites. Do not assume that fish is safe to eat raw unless it is clearly labeled as "Sashimi-Grade"

2. Two vegetables or other fillings

3. Short-Grained Rice

  • Typical long-grained rice used in many American dishes will not work for your sushi, as it will not take on the necessary, sticky consistency.

4. Rice Vinegar

  • For best results, use only Japanese rice vinegar.
  • There are several varieties of seasoned rice vinegar, often made withsake, that can be used if desired.
  • Check out this blog post from The Perfect Pantry for a helpful overview of Japanese rice vinegars.

5. Nori

  • Nori is a thin sheet of seaweed, ideal for rolling sushi. Nori can be ordered online through igourmet, Amazon.com, or purchased at Asian specialty stores.

6. Ginger Root

  • The ginger served alongside sushi is pickled and sliced thinly. This is called "Gari".
  • You can buy pre-made gari, or make it yourself from using rice vinegar, sugar, and ginger root.
  • Gari should be eaten between sushi courses to cleanse the palate. See the section below on making fresh gari.


  1. Wasabi
    • Wasabi plants naturally grow only in certain river valleys of Japan. For this reason, buying fresh wasabi root can be quite expensive. In fact, there is a good chance that you have never tried real wasabi. The "wasabi" served typically at sushi restaurants is actually an imitation product made of horseradish and mustard seed.
    • Fresh Wasabi Rhizomes can be purchased online from Real Wasabi and Pacific Farms USA.
    • The section below on making wasabi covers both versions of this food.
  2. Soy Sauce
    • Any common brand of soy sauce will work fine for your sushi.
    • Remember, do not pour the soy sauce over the sushi, and only dip it "fish-side-up".
  • You will also need the following accessories:
  1. Sharp Knife
    • Any standard kitchen knife, kept sharp, will do, though you may want to get a special sushi knife. They can be purchased at any kitchen accessories store, or you can find them online at Amazon.com or compare prices through NexTag.
  2. Bamboo Mat
    • Bamboo Mats are placed under your sushi and make it easier to roll. They can be purchased as part of a "sushi kit", which may also contain chopsticks, rice molds, and "how-to" books.
    • Amazon.com has a wide variety of sushi kits.
Making Sushi Rice
  1. Prepare the rice vinegar by heating it with sugar and salt until they are dissolved.
  2. Rinse the rice in cold water for several minutes.
  3. Steam in a rice cooker.
  4. One can alternately bring water to a boil, add the rice, then cook over very low heat until the water is evaporated. This will leave the rice sticky and perfect for spreading on your nori.
  5. Either use the rice soon after preparing it, or cover it with a damp cloth to keep it moist.
  6. Do not refrigerate the cooked rice.

well.. it’s enough for now.. maybe next time i’ll add others Japanese Food Recipes so don’t go anywhere only at Japan’s Media.


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Parenting Classes – Help for High Conflict Divorce and Custody [Review]

Since there is nothing to do so i wanna write about Parenting Classes, ok, first impression when i opened this site is this site is teach or give us solution to face something when you are in conflict situation. Then ii continued to read that site and wow i amazed, because this site is very useful for me since there are many solution that you will get if you become their member..! ex: if you have a girl or boyfriend and you got conflict because something and you dont know what to do.. i suggest you to become their member. somehow you will find some way to finish your problem. But hey.. this is not only for a couple, this can helpful for those parents that have some problem with their children. And here.. maybe you guys will find an another way to finish this off.


And you know.. i write this because there are 2 reasons:

1. For review

2. Because there are  lot a fool people that killed their self just because they can not solve their problem.


oh yeah i almost forget.. They sell ebook that will help you to solve your problem. Yeah to make your life better.. Just open it =>  Parenting Classes

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Hiragana!? Katakana!? Kanji!?

Hai.. Minnaaaa saaaaan~ hohoho..


Wew.. after 5 months passed after i wrote about Gakuran and Seifuku i never write on this blog again.. haha..

Ok.. Now Japan's dia will took the topic about letter in japanese..


Well.. in Japan there are 3 kind of letters.. There are Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji..  Actualy there are 4 but since the last one is romaji or same as alphabet so its doesn't count in..

and don't ever think to read those letters like you read the alphabet coz it's so different.. why i said so? well in Alphabet.. if you see "A" than you will read it as "A".. but in japanes isn't like that.. well.. let it started from...


1. Hiragana


see? in 1 letter there are 2 alphabets.. if you look carefully there are letters that sound as tchi and shi etc.. and if you ask me why, sorry.. i dunno for this but what i can explain to you is you can;t find “R” in any Japanese’s Letter coz Japanese people its self can’t say “R” perfectly. But nowadays as the time goes by many Japanese artist even citizen can say “R”.


2. Katakana

Same like Hiragana.. so what is the difference? ok.. the function that made it different.. Hiragana can be used if you wanna write a thing that come from Japanese word. like Mizu (Water), Yuki (Snow), etc.

And Katakana can be used if you wanna write a thing that come from outside Japanese Word. Like Pensiru (Pencil), Saberu (Saber), Terebi (TV), etc. and one last thing is…


3. Kanji

Sorry for you guys.. I can’t show you a Kanji’s chart coz there are so many Kanji’s and i can’t explain to you at all. But i can explain to you what is Kanji. Kanji is Japanese original letter. If Hiragana and Katakana included 2 Alphabets combined become 1 and now Kanji is 1 word in alphabet that changed become 1 letter. ex: Love in Japan is Ai and in Kanji written as . And there are a hundred or even more Kanji. So it’s impossible to upload it.

And the unique fact about Kanji is there are many Japanese people that still unknown about Kanji. So it’s no problem if you wanna goes there but you are stll neglect about Kanji. It’s not big deal.

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Gakuran and seifuku

Konichiwa minnaaaaaa…


now i’ll post about japanese high school uniform. For boys called by gakuran (学らん?) and for girls called it by seifuku (制服).




The Gakuran usualy used by midle school and high school student. Normally black but there are some schools that choose their own color for their gakuran.

Buttons Usualy decorated with their school logo or emblem to show respect for their school. There is urban "tradition" for boys to give the 2nd button to someone that he love. but it isn't must.


In traditional. gakuran used along with a cap but it less used in modern time.

for common school boys may wear trousers about the hips, omit ties, or keep their shirts unbuttoned.


The Seifuku  (セーラー服, sērā-fuku?) is a common style of uniform worn by female middle school and high school students, and occasionally, elementary school students.

Much like the male uniform, the gakuran, the sailor outfit bears a similarity to various military styled navall uniforms. The uniform generally consists of a blouse attached with a sailor-style collar and a pleated skirt. There are seasonal variations for summer and winter: sleeve length and fabric are adjusted accordingly. A ribbon is tied in the front and laced through a loop attached to the blouse. Several variations on the ribbon include nneckties, bolo ties, neckerchiefs, and bows. Common colors are navy blue, white, grey, light green and black.

Shoes, socks, and other accessories are sometimes included as part of the uniform. These socks are typically navy or white. The shoes are typically brown or black penny loafers. Although not part of the prescribed uniform, alternate forms of legwear (such as loose socks, knee-length stockings, or similar) are also commonly matched by more fashionable girls with their sailor outfits.


well.. that’s all about Gakuran and Seifuku. see you next post.. ^^

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The Sapporo Dome, The unique dome in Sapporo-Japan.

The Sapporo Dome (札幌ドーム, Sapporo Dōmu?) is a stadium located in Toyohira-ku, sapporo,Japan, and is primarily used for baseball and football. It is the home field of the baseball team Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters and the football club Consadole Sapporo.
Tha Sapporo Dome opened in 2001 and has 41,580 seats. This stadium hosted 3 games during the FIFA World Cup 2002, Germany vs Saudi Arabia, Argentina vs England and Italy vs Ecuador; all three matches were in the first round.

The Dome hosted the opening ceremonies to the 2007 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships on February 22 and hosted the closing ceremonies of the championships on March 4. It also made history as being the first venue where both indoor and nighttime skiing events took place for the first time on a world championship or Winter Olympic Games level with competitions in the cross country skiing sprints (men's and women's individual, and men's and women's team) and the cross country portion of the 7.5 km sprint event in the nordic combined. In order to generate snow, the stadium used its turf conversion hovering system to facilitate the snow making process for the skiing competitions.

The Dome is interesting in that it switches between two entirely different surfaces. Baseball games are played on an artificial turf field, while football games are held on a grass pitch that slides into and out of the stadium as needed. Some other stadiums that feature sliding pitches include the Gelredome in the Netherlands, Veltins-Arena in Germany and University of Phoenix Stadium in the United States; however, unlike these three facilities, the Sapporo Dome has a fixed roof.

Conversion from baseball to football begins with the storage of the baseball field's artificial turf. Once finished, a set of lower bowl bleachers rotate from an angled position for baseball to a parallel position. A set of main bowl seats on one end of the dome then retracts, and the football pitch is slid into the stadium. The lower bowl is then rotated 90 degrees. Conversion from football to baseball occurs in reverse.
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Break for a while

With this, i just announce the Japan's Media will break for a while due to the owner has been busy lately.

Thank you for your attention.

Japans's Media Owner.
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An Cafe

An Cafe (or Antic Cafe) (アンティック-珈琲店-(カフェ), Antikku Koohiiten?) is a Japanese pop/rock band formed in 2003 and signed to the independent label Loop Ash. They have been described as a oshare kei band, a subset of visual kei.[1][2] As of 2008, the group has released three full-length albums.

Here are lists of their member:

* Miku – vocals

Birthday: January 5th (It's strawberry day!)
Bloodtype: A
Hobbies: Cooking, guitar, shopping, bathing

Food you like: Ramen, steak, sushi, Hiroshimayaki, tondon
Brands you like: LHP, JACKROSE, BLGALI, Justine Davies, ROYALORDER
Colors you like: Black, White, red, gold, silver

Cigarettes: Pianissimo 1mg
Perfume: QUASAR
Shampoo: Kur for colored hair
Piercings: four*

Message: It's nyappy o(≧∀≦)o Miku. I always recieve energy from the cafekkos. Thank you. ☆
I also want to become someone who gives energy to the cafekkos. Let's come to have a king-like life together.

* Miku used to list his piercings as: left ear-6, right ear-3, mouth-2

* Takuya – guitar (since 2007)

Birthday: February 9th
Bloodtype: A
Hobbies: Baths

Food you like: Fruits
Brands you like: Gibson
Colors you like: White, black, red

Cigarettes: I'm a minor
Perfume: Nothing in particular
Shampoo: Lux
Piercings: none

Message: Nice to meet you. I'm someone you can't rely on quite yet, but I will do my best with all my might so please support me.

* Kanon – bass

Birthday: July 5th
Bloodtype: O
Hobbies: Walking in Aki__bara*, walking in Naka__

Food you like: Chicken ramen
Brands you like: Vivienne Westwood, Kadokawa, Kodansha, Shueisha
Colors you like: Black, purple, gold, silver

Cigarettes: Castor Mild
Perfume: CK-one
Shampoo: Fino
Piercings: one

Message: Can I quietly make my counterattack?
The kind of technique I'll use...that's secret information. (Ha)

*I know he likes Akiba. I saw him there. ^^

* Teruki – drums

Birthday: December 8th, Sagittarius
Bloodtype: A
Hobbies: Reminiscing while listening to music

Food you like: There are a lot
Brands you like: Pearl, PAISTE
Colors you like: The sea in Okinawa, emerald green

Cigarettes: I don't smoke. I hate them.
Perfume: There are a few refreshing kinds with the image of the feeling of a gentle breeze on a sunny summer day
Shampoo: LUX
Piercings: left ear-8, right ear-8*

Message: Life is full of various things, but if it rots, it's a waste. Because I will be doing my best too, you also should do your best.

*He used to list the following piercing also: nose-1, mouth-4, belly button-1, nipple-1, and left ear was 9

* Yuuki – keyboard (since 2007)

Birthday: August 29th
Bloodtype: ?
Hobbies: Collecting watches, seeing the puppy at the pet shop in Roppongi on the way home from a club

Food you like: Sweet food, spicy food, sour food
Brands you like: D&G, BLGALI, ROLEX
Colors you like: Gold, black, silver

Cigarettes: ROSE
Perfume: Febreze
Shampoo: Vidal Sassoon
Piercings: one

Message: Hajikemashite* and hello. I'm Yuuki ☆ My appearance is like this, but I have a hot heart that loves An Cafe! I'm still inexperienced, but I won't lose to anyone in determination. Because I'll be doing my best, take care of me!!

* Bou – guitar (2003–2007)

Birthday: September 16th, Virgo
Bloodtype: O
Family: Dad, Mom, older sister
Hobbies: Sleeping

Food you like: Pork rice, rare cheesecake, Japanese style pasta
Brands you like: Paul Smith
Colors you like: Black, gold

Cigarettes: puff, puff
Perfume: It's a Bou original....
Shampoo: It's gold radiance!
Piercings: left ear-1

What you're thinking about recently: The roots of my blond hair....
Goal for this year: Meow, meow.

Albums and EPs

* Amedama Rock (February 23, 2005)
* Shikisai Moment (November 9, 2005)
* Magnya Carta (November 29, 2006)
* Gokutama Rock Cafe (April 9, 2008)
* Ko Akuma Usagi no Koibumi to Machine Gun (29 October 2008)


* "Candyholic" (March 24, 2004)
* "√69" (June 6, 2004)
* "Komou Cosmos" (November 24, 2004)
* "Karakuri Hitei" (March 30, 2005)
* "Tekesuta Kousen" (July 20, 2005)
* "Escapism" (August 24, 2005)
* "Merrymaking" (September 21, 2005)
* "10’s Collection March" (March 1, 2006)
* "Bonds ~Kizuna~" (May 17, 2006)
* "Smile Ichiban Ii Onna " (September 20, 2006)
* "Snow Scene" (October 18, 2006)
* "Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without a Name~" (August 22, 2007)
* "Ryuusei Rocket" (November 7, 2007)
* "Cherry Saku Yuuki!!" (February 27, 2008)
* "Summer Dive" (August 30, 2008, live distribution only)