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D'Ark Rose

June 12, 2010, for the first time The Black Rose gathered and practiced with full members in Arlet Studio.

One day after that, dated on June 13, 2010
The Black Rose performed their first time show with full members in Mamarocker Event at Lissoi Cafe, Pasar Minggu-Jakarta Selatan. Indonesia. They are covering Singing in The Rain and Shout At The Devil songs who famoused by L'arc en Ciel and they are performed their first song named "Smile of The Sadness".

January, 2011 The Black Rose will change their name into D'Ark Rose.

The Black Rose born with the same spirit in music. SPIRIT AND FREE!!

June 13, 2010 Performed at Lissoi Cafe, Pasar Minggu, Indonesia. Performed Singing In The Rain - Larc en Ciel, Shout at The Devils - Larc en Ciel and Smile of The Sadness - The Black Rose.

July 25 2010, Performed as Featuring Band in L.A MUSIC JAPAN ROCK DAY, Cijantung Mal, Performing: Sunadokei - Larc en Ciel, Killing Me - larc en Ciel.

August 21, 2010, performed as Featuring Band in L'arcoustic together with L'arc en Ciel Fans Club Indonesia, Bekasi. Performing: Sunadokei - L'arc en Ciel, Smile of the Sadness - The Black Rose, Hitomi no Juunin - L'arc en Ciel and Alone en Lavida - L'arc en Ciel.

October 30, 2010, Natsu no Hi event who held by Psychology Faculty of Univ. Indonesia.
The Black Rose was performing Honey, Pretty Girl, and Shout at The Devil.

November 11 2010 at Charity Concert for Mentawai, Merapi and Wasior who held by Gunadarma Univ. Performing: Smile of The Sadness and Spirit Dream Inside.

November 19 2010 Performed as Featuring Band in J Indo Stay Awak Charity Concert.
Performing: Kuchidzuke (Seppun), Ibara no Namida, and I wish p'unk.

November 27 2010, performed as J Band Competition UNAS Bunka Matsuri. Performed Feeling Fine, Spirit Dream Inside and I wish - P'unk en Ciel

December 26 2010, performed as THE BEST BAND at K.O.I Japan Club's Festival Karawang (Karawang de Saisho no Matsuri), performed: As One, New World, Smile of The Sadness, Bravery, Feeling Fine and i wish 2007 - P'unk en Ciel.


From left to right:
- Ruka as Drummer
- Alloy as Guitarist
- Dhey as Vocal
- Kaze as bassist
- Korochi as Keyboardist


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