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Hiragana!? Katakana!? Kanji!?

Hai.. Minnaaaa saaaaan~ hohoho..


Wew.. after 5 months passed after i wrote about Gakuran and Seifuku i never write on this blog again.. haha..

Ok.. Now Japan's dia will took the topic about letter in japanese..


Well.. in Japan there are 3 kind of letters.. There are Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji..  Actualy there are 4 but since the last one is romaji or same as alphabet so its doesn't count in..

and don't ever think to read those letters like you read the alphabet coz it's so different.. why i said so? well in Alphabet.. if you see "A" than you will read it as "A".. but in japanes isn't like that.. well.. let it started from...


1. Hiragana


see? in 1 letter there are 2 alphabets.. if you look carefully there are letters that sound as tchi and shi etc.. and if you ask me why, sorry.. i dunno for this but what i can explain to you is you can;t find “R” in any Japanese’s Letter coz Japanese people its self can’t say “R” perfectly. But nowadays as the time goes by many Japanese artist even citizen can say “R”.


2. Katakana

Same like Hiragana.. so what is the difference? ok.. the function that made it different.. Hiragana can be used if you wanna write a thing that come from Japanese word. like Mizu (Water), Yuki (Snow), etc.

And Katakana can be used if you wanna write a thing that come from outside Japanese Word. Like Pensiru (Pencil), Saberu (Saber), Terebi (TV), etc. and one last thing is…


3. Kanji

Sorry for you guys.. I can’t show you a Kanji’s chart coz there are so many Kanji’s and i can’t explain to you at all. But i can explain to you what is Kanji. Kanji is Japanese original letter. If Hiragana and Katakana included 2 Alphabets combined become 1 and now Kanji is 1 word in alphabet that changed become 1 letter. ex: Love in Japan is Ai and in Kanji written as . And there are a hundred or even more Kanji. So it’s impossible to upload it.

And the unique fact about Kanji is there are many Japanese people that still unknown about Kanji. So it’s no problem if you wanna goes there but you are stll neglect about Kanji. It’s not big deal.

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