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Yap, like i has said, if you trying to find some money? i have a solution for this.

What is this? well I'll explain it.. AWSURVEYS is one of many programs who ask our opinion to survey from several site its reserved.
at a first time, you will get several panel which each panel will be priced by normally 4 dollar per panel.
and you can refer your friends or anyone you know by ask him/her to join which is 1 person you get it'll be priced by 1.25 dollar.
and the minimum points or amounts or balance to redeem your money is 75 dollar.

"wew... sound's hard you know?" easy... your task is only fill survey box with 3-4 sentences and it is not hard as you thought. for example: "wow.. the interface is soo great.. i love it." it's enough. easy rite?


1. Click ====>

2. Sign up.

3. Fill several panels.

4. If you are outside of USA, you have to to sign up at www.paypal.com and i suggest you to have credit card for payment system.

Payment System:

Please pay attention... if you wanna redeem your money, the minimal amount to cash out your money is 75 dollar. If you want to use paypal, your cash will be cut out at least 25 dollar, so the cash you will receive is 50 dollar . After you receive your cash you have to upgrade your paypal account to premiere account at least 2,5 dollar and you only receive 47.5 dollar.


Please Follow this instruction if you wanna be get paid:

* 1 account is only for 1 person. DO NOT clone your account with same IP.
* Answered and fill surveys as normal as possible cause your answered will be checked out manually by admins.
* DO NOT SPAM WHEN ADVERTISING AWSURVEYS . They want qualified survey takers.
* At least you must to online once at least in 45 days. or your account will be eradicated.

Yeah tha's is all of my solutions, hoe you like it.. see yaa...