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Update for now.. ^^

Hoooooy Minnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~


Long time no see.. hohoho.. ok whazzup everybody ? i hope you allrite.. :)

hmm.. it has been a long time i didn't write on this blog till i opened my email and suddenly i got a mail from paypal that told me i got $0,14 from this blog..

ureshii neeee~ XDD


Hmm.. Actually i’ve been busy with my univ. life till i choose a crazy idea in my life.. what's it ? oops.. sorry pal i can't tell you.. S.E.C.R.E.T ! lol

but one thing that i can tell you is.. MY PAGEVIEW IS DROWNING DRAMATICALY ! TT_TT

this means is i have to update my blog regularly…  and that must be a hard work.. phew~


Thinking for a while.. what should i write to amuse you all..

oh yeah.. what if i write about Yui ! yes.. YUI !!


does anybody know about Yui ??


Yui was born at Fukuoka, Fukuoka prefecture, march 26 1987. She is female singer and song writer from Japan. 2 songs from several her songs has been became bleach’s closing OST which are “Life” and “Rolling Star”. Hers first album is “From Me to You”, that released at February 22/2006. Includes 13 song which 9 of them never be release before.


Yui’s Profile


Zodiac: Aries

Shio: Rabbit

Hobby: watching a movie, reading a book, playing badminton.

Height: 155 cm

Blood Group: AB

Favorite Place: Shingu Beach at Fukuoka.


Yui start to wrote her song since she was sat at Junior High School grade 3. Yui’s dream is wanna become a singer than she always bring her guitar wherever she goes. Yui started to practice singing, writing a song and playing guitar at Fukuoka.

She was playing her guitar and singing her song which named “Why me”. After that she was started to sing at Tenjin prefecture as her friend’s opening performance show.


At March 2004 , Yui was joined into “SD Audition” which held by Sony Music Japan. From 20.000 competitors, she was 10 of 20.000 competitors who be chosen. She was singing and playing her songs which are Why me", "It's happy line", dan "I know".


Yeah that’s all about Yui’s highlight.. and i think it’s enough for my blog update..

and see ya.. *actually i got sleepy so i’m sorry for all my mistakes..


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